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Picture of Malia GonzalesHi, my name is Malia Sierra Breeze Gonzales. I was born in Santa Cruz, California on June 3rd, 1994. I moved up to Placerville, California when I was five years old. I played basketball and swim when I was younger, and volleyball as I became older. My high school girls volleyball team won State. This was a big deal for our school since we were the first in the years of Union Mine to win a State title. In my spair time I like to paint, draw, make bracelets, hike, go the beach, and hang out with my friends. When I heard about HSU I knew I was really intrested in it. Espcially because they have a good Environmental Engineer program. I came up for the Spring Preview and right then and there when I step foot onto campus I knew I wanted to come here. I chose the ERE program because I am really intrested in learning and solving environmetal issues. I enjoy math and I also enjoy Chemistry, so I thought this would be the best fit for me. This class so far has been very intresting. I love that I learn something new everytime I attend class. I am excited to see where I am at in the next three/four years of my life.