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Image of Fernando FloresI am transfer student entering the Environmental Resource Engineering Program at Humboldt State University. Native from Southern California, originally from city of Azusa and now living in Chino, of a working-class family. My strong background influences work habbit to support, adapt and achieve academic and career success. As a first-generation student and the first from my family to pursue a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) degree, my focus would be learning and engrossing myself in Humboldt’s educational culture. I begin my journey as ERE student by becoming an independent student through working and searching for resources to pay my way into a higher education institution. I am part of Housing staff working as a Community Advocate at the residence hall, The Hill.  I have a genuine care for others and providing a healthy environment and quality of life for all. This is a principle reason I attend HSU is because, HSU is inclined with sustainable practices throughout the campus along with the city of Arcata.

My goal is to graduate with my bachelor's degree under the Environmental Resource Engineering Program. Afterwards, I would begin my stepping stone towards my career goal by joining the Peace Corps. There I would be given the opportunity to work on projects that may assist to developing my ERE skills. Once completing my duty in the Peace Corps, I would continue with my career goals by building a better repertoire in my field. Later, returning to my educational journey by pursuing my Master's degree at California State Polytechnic University of Pomona in the Regenerative Studies. The distinctive Master's program is set to explore the means of supporting human communities within the limits of available resources, and without degrading the environment. By working with the environment, this may give society and the environment a better quality of life through coming years.

A great passion of mine would be involving myself with a organization(s) such as Brightfarms, as they are inclined with improving the environmental impact of the food supply chain. As it tend to my ultimate goal, as for the health of the global society by encouraging nutritional and affordable foods.

As my desire of learning and being a life-long learner, tending to return to my educational path and pursue a Doctrine at Cornell University. Giving the final accomplishments set my childhood dream into become a bold and valuable educator, as I have seen through my developing years as a student.


Professional Experience

- Contracted a position with Academic Advantage and took four students in 4 months and tutored them independently along with their parents supervision. My objective as a contract tutor was to complete their Student Learning Outcome (SLO)  to improve their Mathematics and English Deficiency.

- Participated in many activities for the Democratic Club at Mt. San Antonio College. One of the activities was working with an national non-profit organization Fair Trade Universities. Fair Trade Universities awarded the Democratic Club a grant to promote Fair Trade mission: to support equity in trade and promote sustainable development by raising awareness among students, faculty, administration and staff of the benefits of Fair Trade. The grant allowed the group and myself the freedom to coordinate a Consumer Rights Seminar.

- Interned at the Pomona Crisis Center(PCC), a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, assisting the non-profit organization with clerical duties. As an intern, it became evident the importance of delegation, organization, and communication for professional transactions.

- During the year 2012-2013 I volunteered at The Garfield Neighborhood Center, a government-funded program, leading a group of 6-10 children in educational activities and tutoring sessions.

Mt. San Antonio College, Walnut, CA — Associate of Arts in Kinesiology, 2014
Mt. San Antonio College, Walnut, CA — Associate of Arts in Business, 2014

Extracurricular/Educational Activities
Member, Business Club, 2010
Student-at-Large, Associated Students, 2011
Participated in Social and Environmental Rally's
Participated in the Granite Mountain Desert Research Center
CPR Certified
TRiO participant, Mt. SAC A.C.E.S.
(Achieving College Ensuring Success)