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Profile pictureHi, my name is Eric Falkenberg, an ERE student here at HSU. I don’t have many skills or job experience with engineering but I do like to build things and work on projects. I decided to be an environmental engineering major because I am good at math which makes me enjoy it, and because I love to work with my hands and mind to build something helpful. I started thinking about working as an engineer back in high school because I worked as an auto mechanic for three of the four years in school, and I really enjoyed working with engines and building more on them. I was going to go for an auto mechanic as my career, but I wanted a challenge. If I am not being challenged I don’t feel like I would be successful. When I don’t have class or much homework I enjoy to go out and skate with my friends, and play the guitar. Before I came up here to Humboldt State University I was a part of a punk band, and we got to play a few shows. I am looking forward to learn more about engineering and what I can do with it.