The Passionate Collector

From anvils to zithers, collectors form collections of a surprising variety of subjects. The Passionate Collector includes portraits of collectors of pin-ups, spurs, nuts, tractors, Edsels, whiskey stills, animal traps, cash registers, carnivorous plants, and maps of Transylvania, for starters.

Of the hundred and fifty photographs of different collections, seventy were published in the book The Passionate Collector, along with a foreward by Ellen Land-Weber, and an introductory chapter about the spirit of collecting by Walter Benjamin. Published by Simon and Schuster in 1980, a few out of print copies of the book are available from the author.

Technical note: All images were photographed with a 4 x 5 view camera. All photographs are copyright © 1980 to Ellen Land-Weber. Written permission is required for reproduction by any means.

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New Guinea Insects

Different Editions of Catch-22

Canning Jars

Credit Cards

Lunch Boxes

California Pottery

Raggedy Ann Dolls

Railroad Cars