Photographic / Digital Collage

The 3M Color in Color portfolio is a large body of work produced between 1971 and 1985, with the earliest model color copy machine. Subject matter consists of combinations of three dimensional objects and flat imagery placed directly on the machine's glass platen. After emerging from the machine, the images were transferred to Arches fine art paper, resulting in large scale unique prints that somewhat resemble lithographs. Working with the unconventional technology of copy machines to produce fine art photographs suggested early on the potential advantages of computers.

I purchased my first computer in 1979, expecting to use it to produce photographic collages. I had to wait a long time. The present series of digital collages was begun in 1991, using Photoshop with scanned images from my personal negative archive, small objects, and image fragments from my collection of nineteenth century prints.

All images are copyright © 1971-2004 to Ellen Land-Weber. Written permission is required for reproduction by any means worldwide.

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Winter Storm Icon

Winter Storm Digital Collage

Mothers and Snakes Icon

Mothers and Snakes Digital Collage

Meersfauna Icon

Meersfauna Digital Collage

Carnal Plants Digital Collage

Blossfeldt on the North Coast Icon

North Coast Blossfeldt: 3M Color

Paired Leaves Icon

Paired Leaves: 3M Color

Floral Anatomy Lesson Icon

Floral Anatomy Lesson: 3M Color

Calla Lily Anatomy: 3M Color

Fan Palm Icon

Fan Palm Digital Collage