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My full name is Emily Christine Higbee. I was born in Thousand Oaks, California (in Ventura County) and I have lived there my entire life. Some of my main interests include playing sports, drawing, reading, and writing.  I am a freshman here at Humboldt State and I am currently deciding between a few different majors, which are Environmental Science, Physics, and of course Environmental Resource Engineering. This program is particularly appealing because of the design aspect which is unique to engineering. I hope to learn how to implement environmental resource engineering techniques to solve real life problems. I am specifically interested in alternative energy and improving the ways we produce and use energy, as well as building a sustainable future. The need of immediate action to reduce the amount of pollution we are adding to the world becomes more prominent every day, and I have always wanted to be someone who knows how to help change some of these problems we face.


I took Architecture for two years in high school where I gained experience learning AutoCad. For the first year we designed and drew up a house. This project included a floor plan, roof plan, landscape plan, and an electrical plan. The second year I had a new teacher who was interested in living small to reduce our foot prints so we designed a container home. From these classes I learned how difficult it is to incorporate all the pragmatic uses of a house and especially on a small scale.