The following links are provided to help students identify, acquire, and install useful software for program and document development. Software useful for Engr 225, 322, 325, and 326 can be found here as well as a collection of other software.

Professor Brad Finney maintains a large and useful list of software resources on his website.

Professor Jim Graham also provides a useful list of software related to GeoSpatial analysis on his website.

This page reproduces and adds to this information. Please send any information that might benefit undergraduate engineering students to doug<at>

The sections follow:

Check with the bookstore to see if any specials are available for commercial software.

Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)

Database Software


Embedded Systems

Flowchart Software

GUI Flowchart Tools

Online Tools

Psuedo-code to Flowchart convert

Using Microsoft Office Products for Flowcharts

Most MS Office products include a Drawing Toolbar. The MS Office drawing toolbar has a large selection of shapes and connectors that facilitate creation of flowcharts. MS also markets VisioTM specifically for flowchart and process flow diagrams.

Geospatial Analysis


Linux and Emulators

Math Programming Languages

Multi-Physics Modeling (MPM)

Network Utilities

Programming Languages

Scripting, compiled, and other languages outside of the mathematical programming languages listed.

System Utilities

Word Processing