Solar Forecasting and R Programming

2016-08-30 23:36 PDT

Over the last few months, I have been spending more time with R. I am now beginning to appreciate the language and the many libraries the user base has developed. I began forcing myself to learn R to facilitate my objective of introducing engineering students to the language in Engr 322 - Environmental Data Modeling and Analysis. Teaching a language you are learning yourself is limited in benefit to the students. I am grateful that I've been able to target learning the language at a real-world application to further develop my skills with R.

I've spent the last few months developing R functions to facilitate weather and solar electricity generation forecasting for the Blue Lake Rancheria (BLR) Microgrid (MG) project. The project began when I received the task of developing scripts to deliver a weather forecast and solar electricity generation for the microgrid SCADA system..

I've since developed a R function library to facilitate the forecasting needs of the project. The library allows interfacing with several APIs to deliver weather forecasts and observations. The data collected has been used to build a database so that forecast accuracy can be monitored and preferred forecasting methods identified from among the alternatives. R seems to be well suited to the task and I look forward to using it to learn more about R's capabilities as the forecast data is evaluated.