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Welcome to my web site. Below you will find general info (on careers, graduation, getting into grad school, APA style), course-related info (syllabi & related links), and a set of miscellaneous links (news, music, whatever).  The curious will also find a list of my publications.


General Information

APA Writing Style Working on a term paper or thesis? If so, you probably have to prepare it according to APA style guidelines. You can either work through your copy of the APA Publication Manual, or you can check out one of the web-based versions such as the APA Publication Manual Crib Sheet, Plonskyís Style Guide.  Recent changes in APA style (use of italics, citing electronic resources) can be found at APAStyle.org. If the quality of your writing suffers, spend some serious time with Strunk's Elements of Style.

Large Psychology Sites For general information on academic psychology, two of my favorites are MegaPsych from John Nichols at Oklahoma and Russ Dewey's Psych Web.  Another great site, specific to Social Psychology, has been provided by Scott Plous at Wesleyan.

Professional Organizations There are two main organizations in Psychology. The oldest is the American Psychological Association. The APA Monitor has current news on the profession. In 1988, psychologists who were fed up with the applied, health care emphasis of the APA began a competing organization, the American Psychological Society, with a clearer focus on Psychology as an area of scientific research. You should consider getting a student membership in one of these organizations.

CAREER Info -- What can you do with a major in psychology?

 Value of a psych major or minor, double majors, preparation for graduate school, specialty in industrial/organizational psychology.

ADVISEES -- General issues about transfer of G.E. courses and the like are often best handled at the Office of the Registrar. But anything to do with courses in your major is something to take up with your academic advisor. You'll find links to courses for the Psychology major and minor on the Psyc Dept main site . If you are a Freshman or Sophomore, you should be working on your G.E. courses, sampling possible majors and minors, and taking the initial courses for your preferred major. If you are a Junior or Senior, take careful note of the section below.

JUNIORS & SENIORS -- Steps to graduation and (maybe) graduate study.

Preparation for graduation from HSU. In your Junior year, take note of the following tasks:

1.        Each semester, you should check your records on Student Center to monitor your progress towards your bachelorís degree.  (Just go to the Registrar's Site and select the Student Center link.) You can view your DARS report at anytime to see what is left for your B.A. degree.

2.       Go to the Psyc Dept's Site for Undergrads and print out the Major Requirements Form for the pathway you have selected. This is the document on which you list all the courses you plan to take for the psychology major. Get your advisorís signature and turn it in to the Psychology Dept office.  (For the psychology minor, get the Minor Contract Form here.)  You can update this form either by filling out a new one or by making changes to the copy kept by the Psychology Dept -- just get your adviser to initial and date the changes and turn the form back into the Psyc Dept office.

3.       Access the Bachelorís Degree Application for Graduation (degree check form) and get it completed and submitted.  Note that you can later update this form (e.g. change your graduation date) by completing the Degree Check Update Request at the Office of the Registrar.)

4.       Sign up to take the Graduate Writing Proficiency Exam (GWPE) at the Testing Center.

5.       While doing this, you should also be thinking about graduate school possibilities.  A quick search will lead you to lots of helpful advice, for example Walsh, Cherry, O'Brien, and APA.  The APA Book, Graduate Study in Psychology, is useful for deciding where to apply (see copy in the Psychology Dept Office, or buy your own copy online -- older edition is cheap at Amazon.com and almost same as the current one).  You will find excellent advice on how to prepare your application on the Social Psychology Network Information on the Graduate Record Exam is at the ETS site.  Are you undecided about which area of psychology to specialize in when applying to graduate school? Consider these possibilities: Behavioral, Biological, Child & Adolescent Development, Clinical, Cognitive, Community, Comparative, Consulting, Counseling, Developmental, Educational, Environmental, Experimental (applied), Experimental (general), Family, Forensic, Gender, General (theory, history, philosophy), Geropsychology, Health, Industrial/Organizational, Multicultural, Neuropsychology, Neuroscience, Social, Sport.

4.       Need a letter of recommendation for grade school?  Any instructor who gave you a good grade should be pleased to write you a positive recommendation. We usually prepare a letter describing your academic potential and attach it to whatever forms the institution uses. Your letter writer will need the following from you:
a. List of the courses you took from him/her, semester & year of each course, grades received, and anything else of interest (like title of term paper).
b. Draft of the essay part of your application where you state your goals and mention relevant experiences.
c. Resume if you have one.
d. List of schools you are applying to and details for each application including deadlines. (Does the writer submit the letter online? Give the letter to you to submit? Send it directly to the school in the mail?)


Info on Campbell's Courses -- Syllabi & related links

Psyc 100:  Critical Thinking

Syllabus (and Summer Session Syllabus)

Course Announcement

Links related to critical thinking

Psyc 104:  Introductory Psychology


www.humboldt.edu/~campbell/p104announcement.htmCourse Announcement

Psyc 309: The Thinking Consumer in a Materialistic Society (Consumer Behavior)


Psyc 335: Social Psychology

URL for syllabusSyllabus

Psyc 337D: Personality Theory & Research Discussion

URL for syllabusSyllabus

 Psyc 404: Industrial/Organizational Psychology


                         Links related to industrial/organizational psychology

 Psyc 405: Environmental Psychology & The Wilderness Experience


 Links related to environmental psychology

 Psyc 406: Forensic Psychology


Psyc 480: Readings in Forensic Psychology (Selected Topics in Psychology, 1 unit)


 Psyc 485: Senior Seminar (History of Psychology)


 Course Announcement

 Links related to history of psychology

 Homework questions based on reading assignments


Miscellaneous Links

Search Engines: Dogpile, Pickl, Yahoo, Google, All4one, Metacrawler, BigHub, All-In-One

News: NYTimes, LATimes, USAToday, SFGate, WashPost, Times, SU, UC, CNN

HSU: Library, BookStore

Music: KDFC, KCSM, KZSU, Classical Guitar, Chords, Tips, Olga, Astraweb, Mandolin

Environment:  Citizen Action, Earth Charter, California Coast

MISC: Answers.com, Wikipedia, Polls, Scooters, BBC Radio, Virtual Earth, Google Earth, SurfCams, Time, Bookmarks, Infotrac


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