Sustainably Built Portland Cottage

About Me Author of the Webpage

My name is Mackenzie Danies. I am from Portland, Oregon. I have a wide variety of interests, ranging from playing musical instruments to playing for the Humboldt women’s soccer team. Soccer is a passion of mine, and it helps keep me focused and determined, whereas music is a relaxation tool for me. Humboldt for me is both about soccer and school, especially the strong sciences, and environmental aspects. The Environmental Resource Engineering program was a strong draw for me because of my desire to help the environment. Portland is a very environmental town, and from a young age we were taught how to help the environment, and to recycle and so on. The idea of doing something proactive to help the environment is a big draw for me. I love my experience at Humboldt so far, and am excited for the rest of my time here.


Throughout my time in high school I was involved in my high schools Green Team. We spent time helping a local organization called Solv, in their projects such as restoring creek beds, weeding, organizing local awareness events in our town, and planting things extensively. This also coupled with my time in AP Environmental Science, where we spent a large amount of time planting and restoring the local area, and educating the community on environmental issues.