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My name is Cuong H. Tran. This is my first semester at Humboldt State University as a transfer student. I transferred into our Environmental Resources Engineering program from Modesto Junior College. Modesto Junior College is a community college in my hometown (Modesto). My hometown locate about 200 miles east of San francisco and 90 miles south of Sacramento. Modesto is still a farm town. However, it's slowly becoming more industrialized. While living in Modesto, I have had many part time and full time jobs. As a result, I have learned new skills that can be beneficials to me and my success in Environmental Resources Engineering program. Some of the skills I have acquired include analytical, being able to work in groups and independently. Also, I can manage my time and complete the tasks by the deadline. In addition, I have learned how to communicate with classmates, coworkers, or supervisors in a professional manner. Besides be able to communicate in english, I can also speak Vietnamese fluently.

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