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I am an undergraduate Environmental Resources Engineering major at Humboldt State University. I decided to come to this beautiful university because of the majestic redwoods, the lively culture of Arcata, and getting closer to my dream: becoming an engineer.

I am from Glendale, CA which is about 15 minutes away from the Greater Los Angeles area. After graduating from high school, I directly went to UC Santa Cruz and decided that I didn't want to study the art of architecture.   I actually wanted to create systems for the well-being of the environment and our home, Earth. After finishing my general education courses and obtaining two Associate's degrees at Antelope Valley College, I moved to Arcata with my boyfriend, Wes. I'm super delighted and blessed for being where I am today.

I enjoy hiking, practicing yoga, and drinking tea. You can find me at the Science D Building on campus, at the library, or at Redwood Curtain! You can also e-mail me at