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Stop the oppression of homosexuals in the entertainment media


My Profile PictureSalut! My name is Courtney Brown and I am currently enrolled in the Environmental Resource Engineering program and this is my second year at Humboldt State University. My declared minor is Woman Studies which will probably branch off into queer rights studies. I come from the very beautiful high desert of Los Angeles County called Palmdale. I lived in southern California for eighteen years and when I was permitted to leave home, I took the offer and ran with it. That is why I decided to go north bound, I came to HSU not only for the wonderful environment but also for the ERE program. My ambitions and goals in this program are to learn and understand more about water quality resources. I would love to join the Peace Corp when I graduate and pursue international work, maybe in Morocco or any other French speaking country, (I’ve studied French for the past five years.) I enjoy gardening, cooking mainly vegetarian meals, and writing feminist zines!    

Professional Experience

I have focused mainly on my Woman Studies degree and I have written an interesting article titled: “Stop the oppression of homosexuals in the entertainment media” and I have just started a comic strip zine about a young female feminist I’ve worked on some activist papers on females having complete control on their reproductive system and on the equality and justice of transgender individuals in the community.