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I am originally from San Diego, where I did my first two years of school before transferring to HSU as an ERE student. I was originally interested in Audio Engineering which eventually led me to Environmental Resource Engineering. Though Audio Engineering, I recognized a love of systems which I united with my love of nature that I gained from living in beautiful places such as Denver, Portland Oregon, and San Diego. Humboldt has a highly regarded ERE program and I am excited to be here.

My academic pursuits are to obtain a degree in Environmental Resource Engineering. Following that, I would like to obtain a degree in Architecture or Structural Engineering and begin working on energy efficient buildings.

My interests are systems, music, philosophy, eco-villages, bicycles, psychology, structures, politics, and nutrition, among many others. I am an active musician and have independently released music with various bands and musicians, played in bars all around southern California and have recently begun making electronic music which I hope to begin performing in the Humboldt area as soon as I have enough material prepared.




I am currently building a chicken coop which will act as a collection surface for rainwater. The water will then be filtered through a slow sand filter and used for a drip irrigation garden as well as a slow feed of water for my chickens.

As a student, I hope to focus on energy resource related technologies and am very eager to begin working on projects related to the ERE field with other students.