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Shanghi, ChinaI am 24 years old born and raised in San Diego, California. I attend Humboldt State University to get a degree in Environmental Resource Engineering. I want to be an engineer to help build sustainable ecological structures for high density populations and possible apply these ideas to livable environments in space for human colonization. I live in a world where technology has control on society and has grand opportunities to advance human life, but technology requires resources that have potential to limit human growth. I want to use technology and these limited resources to get the best long lasting results for my projects. I also believe in recycling and feel that people forget the other two steps to the triangle reduce and reuse. I spend lots of time in between school traveling outside of the country, as well as, within our nation to get a different perspective on human life. I find myself staring and analyzing massive structures on my travels. I like to walk the community forest in Arcata, California every other day as I get a good sense of Mother Nature and what it has to offer the world. I think of forests as natural CO2 filters for the world.

Professional Experience

I spent most of my high school life making art and building random things in wood shop. Outside of school I like to tinker with radio remote control cars and build miniature models of science fiction robots. I like to draw up plans when I plan to construct something and take a lot of pride in my artistic ways.