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This is meMy name is Ben Voelz and I am from a town called Clovis which is basically as smaller sub-community of Fresno.There are a number of reasons I decided to move up to Humboldt and attend Humboldt State. The main reason being the environment and the culture up here are drastically different than where I'm from. Of coarse, this is a good kind of different. The reason I chose to attend Humboldt State was because of not only its environmental programs but also because it offers the major I am currently enrolled in; Environmental Resources Engineering. This major combines two things I am very interested in and also creates many possibilities for me job wise if I move through it successfully. The reason it was so appealing to me was because I am very interested in the physical sciences and also am passionate about our environment.This major provides an oppertunity for me to to fully exploit my main interests.