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About Me:

Aaron's photo Hi, my name is Aaron Ayala. I'm currently sophmore/junior at Humboldt State University. My home town is San Jose. I have lived their for most of my life. I'm a person who is family oriented and close to my best friends. I get most of my support from them as well as my religion. Without them I would be lost, but greatful that they're in my life.

I am seeking an engineering major as well as a biomedical major. These are two interesting career choices that I am striving to achieve. Ultimately in life I want to help create new technologies that would benefit our world ranging from medical to environmental. I have visited and got to be apart of lab research at various biotechnology firms around my home town of San Jose. I was in the UC Davis COSMOS biotechnology program where I had hands on experience in their labs performing various projects that a normal biotechnologist would have. With these skills and and knowledge that I am acquiring, I hope to reach my goals and aspirations.

Engineering Experience