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My Short Biography

I was born in Trinity County, right next to Humboldt, and lived Chris Arcani's Imagethere until I was about twelve. From here I moved to Shasta county before settling down in Humboldt. Growing up in Trinity made me athletic and has created a strong work ethic. It has also made me quiet and very unaware of the world around me. After moving to shasta I was in a culture shock, and then again when I came to Humboldt. After realizing the many differences in the three cultures I began to understand how and why people are the way they are. As long as I can remember I have played soccer which led me to leading my high school team as capitan. I wanted to play for Humboldt State but becoming an engineer is time consuming and investing in my future has become my mian focus. I enjoy hanging out with friends, and riding motorcycles when I get the free time.