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My name Christopher Alvaro and I am currently a student at HSU majoring in Environmental Resources Engineering. Coming from a Hispanic background I am bilingual; can fluently speak, read and write in both Spanish and English. I am also proficient with computers and possesses advance typing skills ranging from 85 wpm and above. Though I have just started my Engineering major, I plans to work with energy through solar means and eventually to replace my current electricity through solar means. Finally, I have many innovative ideas about the future and am extremely self-motivated about bringing these ideas to life. In the fall semester of 2016, I worked with a team of four to design a bathroom that reuses the freshwater used in our client's bathroom. Working under the name team Greenlight, our client was a non-profit art center called the sanctuary which promotes  green technology, art, community involvement and sustainable living by the reuse of every day resources and items. All the details to the design can be found under my portfolio section.


For my Engr 215 class, Intro to design, me and my team created the following documents and also listed below are examples of my best works created while attending HSU. Working as team Greenlight, we created the Sink to Toilet Greywater System design and is shown on the design links.