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Hello there, my name is Alex Wright. I am a transfer student from Long Beach City College, and I am now majoring in Environmental Resource Engineering. I am 21 years old and am ready to experience all life has to offer. I was born and raised in Long Beach and decided it was time for a change of scenery from Southern California. In my free time I enjoy bicycling , fishing, going to the gym, and playing other sports. I am looking forward to taking advantage of all the opportunities that Humboldt has to offer. 

Job Experience

I have no experience in any engineering field, however I am looking to gain experience and knowledge as soon as possible.  For the past three years I have worked in the educational field as a student worker for the Disabled Students Programs and Services, while working there I have done alternate media editing, aiding students who were unfamiliar with computers and other technology, and had done clerical work for a year. I know basic American Sign Language and can type 45+ words per minute. Since moving to Arcata I have gotten hired at the Student Disability Resource Center, I am currently doing alternate media editing for students with visual impairment and am there receptionist for part of the time. I am looking forward to taking advantage of all the opportunities that Humboldt has to offer. Before these two jobs I had worked for American Golf Corporation: El Dorado Park Golf Course, I would keep up the maintenance of the golf course and provide customers knowledge of the golf course. I have excellent communication skills and for the past five years I have worked in a job that requires me to work with others and have done great work.