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Photo of authorI am a Mexican-American, 19 year old female. I am originally from Los Angeles, Ca. However, I have resided in Humboldt County for almost two years. My current interests include trying new food, playing the guitar, hiking, going to the beach, doing homework (believe it or not), and spending time with friends. Before becoming a full time student, my interested included volunteering. I was part of the church chorus for over 10 years, helping to lead it for many years. I was determined on becoming a nurse, thus, I also volunteered at my pediatricians clinic.
I am an undeclared student, currently attending Humboldt State University. I am presently completing courses for the ERE major, such as, Chemistry 109, Math 115, and Engineering 115. I am taking the engineering 115 course in order to get a feel for what I will be doing, in case I major in Environmental Resources Engineering. I am not sure what I want my focus to be in, upon making ERE my chosen major, however, I do think it will be something having to do with either water or energy. This is due to the necessity for both and their current inefficiency.