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I've lived in California most of my life. Surviving two big earthquakes has not scared me out of this wonderful state but in contrast has provided somewhat of a motivation to tackle some great issues facing us. I attended high school and ARC in Sacramento (although not successively). As a young adult I served in the Army in Field Artillery and the Signal Corps, and have two deployments relating to each of those areas. While in the Signal Corps we provided cable, routing, and server network services to the entire base in Baghdad, Iraq. Seeing how the other half of the world lives gave me insight as to some of the human issues facing those areas. I've traveled to other countries such as Albania, Slovenia, Kuwait, Mexico, Germany (where I lived for 3 years), Italy and France. I have a son who is now a teenager and lives with his mother in Germany. And yes, I speak a little German, too. In the last five years I've moved from Sacramento to Crescent City, CA and enjoyed the fresh air and visual/recreational benefits of living in Redwood country ever since.