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Pic of Andy and LynnIntentionally or by chance, you have navigated to the personal web page of Andy Eggink. Welcome. It has been said that a person's life can be divided into seven year segments that are each divided by a major change. I have discovered that if you can make it seven years you are doing well. At 36, I find myself back in school, but I believe I am in the right place just not quite at the right time...about 15 years late. I attend Humboldt State University and I am studying in the Environmental Resources Engineering Department. I have discovered that I have always been an engineer, since that first lego set. I spent my childhood taking things apart, and generally unsuccessfully putting them back together. I am supported in my endeavor by my beautiful, passionate wife, Lynn, and two spectacular (if I do say so myself) kids, Anthony and Victoria. We spend our family time enjoying nature through many activities. So far, I am in a fantastic seven year segment of my life (although I hope it won't be seven years until I graduate).

Engineering Experience

I enjoy designing and building projects. The following list is of some of the projects I have done: