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I am a transfer student from Barstow Community College, where I earned my AS in Natural Science &Math. I became interested in alternative fuel and GHG emissions while in my last year of junior college. I would like to major in environmental engineering because I would like to somehow contribute to developing new fuel resources or lowering the levels of GHGs in the atmosphere.

I have been living in California for that last six years. I enjoy being near the ocean, especially because of the salty water smell. My favorite fruit is pineapple. I also really like small dogs. One of my favorite things to do on a beautiful autumn afternoon is to procure a honey bee latte from the Coffee Klatch and walk around Victoria Gardens. During the winter months the light up the trees that surround the avenues with small, pretty, white christmas lights. While there I like to visit the puppies at a store called Moonpuppies, on Fridays they even let you pet the puppies.